Enviro Inspiro: St. George Girls High School shows off it’s environmental projects

St. George Girls High School’s Enviro Club has many environmental projects. Some of these includes: Say No to Bottled Water Campaign which installed water refill stations and won the 2012 Award of Excellence for learning and Sustainability. Other projects include the worm farm, botanical gardens, paper recycling, vegetable patch and Save the Koala Foundation.

Members of the environmental club in front of the award. From left, Julie Tran, outgoing president Pauline Tran, Shirley Zhao, Sharika Kabir and Abbie Winspear. All members are passionate about the environment and want to keep being involved to make a difference.


Science teacher and Enviro Club co-ordinator, Mrs Diane Duffy with the 2012 Award of Excellence for Learning and Sustainability. She has inspired the students with her passion and dedication to the environment.


2012 Award of Excellence for Learning and Sustainability banner in the foyer of the school office. Students won the award for their Say No to Bottled Water Campaign.

Water refill station, fulfilling the Enviro club’s Say No to Bottled Water Campaign, allowing chilled water for all students.


Abbie Winspear at the worm farm, helping to keep the farm running. Abbie is also a Youth Ambassador for One Million Women, Ten Thousand Teens, who actively try to make a change.


Worm Farm which students from the Envrio Club attend to.

Worm Farm, where food waste is transformed, collected and bottled into fertiliser.

The roster board, which is supervised by year 11 members of the Enviro club, where points can be accumulated to earn a school service awards. All members of the club can participate.

Over 100 native plants to benefit science and geography students, the school’s own botanical gardens.



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